Heritage and conservation register

Sydney Olympic Park Authority maintains a Heritage and Conservation Register in accordance with requirements of the NSW Heritage Act 1977.  This register identifies places and assets that are owned or managed by Sydney Olympic Park Authority that have been identified as having heritage significance.   

Sydney Olympic Park Heritage and Conservation Register

Prepared under NSW Heritage Act 1977, section 170

Item NameLocation*Heritage ListingMore Information
Newington Armament Depot and Nature ReserveJamieson Street, SilverwaterSHR 01850
SEPP (Major Development) 2005 Sydney Olympic Park
Olympic Cauldron at Sydney Olympic ParkCathy Freeman Park, Sydney Olympic Park SHR 01839
Hall of Champions (collection)State Sports Centre, Sydney Olympic Park SHR 01295
Explosives Store – Building 87Narawang Wetland, Avenue of Oceania, Sydney Olympic Park Auburn LEP item no I42
Abattoir Heritage PrecinctHerb Elliott Avenue, Sydney Olympic ParkSEPP (Major Development) 2005 Sydney Olympic Park


* All items were transferred from the Auburn to Parramatta local government area in May 2016.

Heritage Map

Heritage map of Sydney Olympic Park