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We strive to create an active and vibrant place for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority

We were given the responsibility of managing some of the NSW Government's most significant assets through the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001.

Since the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we have worked tirelessly to transform the Park into a world-class district that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. This includes managing all public places, 430 hectares of parklands, and 7 sporting venues. We take care of the day-to-day management of buildings, facilities, and landscape assets. We also deliver programs and events, enhance visitor experiences, provide sports and leisure facilities, conserve water and energy, protect ecosystems and heritage, and coordinate the precinct daily.

Precinct controls are detailed guidelines and regulations that dictate the development and design of specific areas within Sydney Olympic Park. They cover aspects such as building heights, setbacks, open spaces, connectivity, and architectural standards. These controls ensure that the Park's development adheres to the strategic vision and maintains a consistent and high-quality environment throughout different precincts.

The Master Plan 2050 builds upon the Strategic Place Framework and translates its aspirations into specific actions and guidelines. It shapes the physical development of Sydney Olympic Park, ensuring that the strategic vision is effectively implemented across the entire park.

Ultimately, Sydney Olympic Park is not just a memorable destination; it's a place where you'll want to stay and make lasting memories. We are dedicated to creating a vibrant and inclusive community that offers a wide range of opportunities and experiences for everyone who visits or calls the Park home.

Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030

To guide our vision and strategic direction, we have developed the Strategic Place Framework. This framework sets out the goals and aspirations that we aim to achieve, covering areas such as land use, infrastructure, transportation, sustainability, and community development. It serves as the foundation for the development of precinct controls in the Master Plan 2050.

Skyline of Sydney Olympic Park

Master Plan

The Master Plan is a comprehensive plan guiding the long-term development of Sydney Olympic Park.
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Skyline of Sydney Olympic Park

Resource Centre

Here you can find forms, policies, annual reports, guidelines and management plans.
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Egret Pavilion, Concord West Playground

Site permits

Find the various work permits and application forms for operations at the Park.
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Egret Pavilion, Concord West Playground

Planning and building

Learn the details on designing a development, lodging applications and other work-related approvals.
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