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Parking FAQs

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Parking FAQs
Hire a space FAQs

Frequently asked questions when hiring a space in the parklands.

Hire a space FAQs

Event noise hotline

Should you have concerns about the level of sound coming from an event, please call the Event Noise Hotline so that sound levels can be investigated and adjusted if needed. 

Please call 02 9714 7310.


BBQs throughout the parklands are free and cannot be reserved. Use our map to view all BBQ locations.

Bringing your own BBQ

If you bring your own BBQ, please note: 

  • Gas and charcoal BBQs are permitted. 
  • Set up your BBQ  50m or more from play spaces.
  • Set up your BBQ in a clear area.
  • Gas bottles must be within test dates.
  • Please use the hot coal bins provided.
  • Always supervise your BBQ.
  • Have water available.

The following is not permitted:

  • Burning of wood or kindling is not permitted.
  • Collecting kindling in the park (sticks, leaves, foliage etc.) is not permitted.

When a total fire ban is declared:

  • Personal BBQs are not permitted. 
  • You can use the BBQs provided in the parklands.

Pop-up shelters

A small pop-up shelter up to 3mx3m is permitted. Marquees or shelters greater than 3m x 3m are not permitted.

In windy or unsafe conditions, park rangers may ask patrons to take down their shelters. 

If you are using a small shelter please ensure the following:

  • Please secure your shelter with weights.
  • Do not put pegs or stakes into the ground.
  • Space shelters at least 6m apart.
  • Do not attach shelters to park structures. 


Site/work permits and operations

Please complete the appropriate site permits.

Filming and photography

For commercial film and photo shoots, please complete a film and photo shoot application.

For a wedding or special occasion, please complete a wedding and special occasion photography permit.

Hire a space permits

Please find the appropriate permit here, including: 

  • Cross country and walkathon permit
  • Personal training and group fitness class permit
  • Team building permit

Visiting the Park

Amplified sound (speakers or microphones)

Amplified noise must be kept to a minimum to not disturb other park users. The level of amplified noise must not exceed 5dBA above the ambient background noise, a legal requirement of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Balloons with coloured powder, liquid, gas or fireworks

We do not permit the use of coloured powder/liquid/gas/fireworks in the Park. These may contaminate the natural environment and become a hazard to our wildlife. It is also very difficult to clean and remove all traces of these substances.

Confetti, bio-confetti, flower petals and rice

Confetti, bio-confetti, rice, flower petals or similar are not permitted, as these often contaminate the natural environment and become a hazard to our wildlife.

Decorations and props

The following decorations/props are not permitted:

  • Any candles, fireworks (any form), sparklers, fires and bamboo torches.
  • Coloured powders/liquids and confetti.

Decorations cannot be attached to trees, plants or frog fences. This includes, but is not limited to, signs, streamers, balloons, sticky tape, rope or similar.

All decorations must be removed and disposed of before leaving your site.

Approval must be sought for any large backdrops, signs, arbours or lettering. Pegging or staking of these is not permitted in the Park. Weighting items may be considered as part of the approval process and can only occur as part of a paid site hire


We do not allow the general public to fly drones within Sydney Olympic Park for any purpose. A permit is required to use a drone for approved Park management purposes. This is to protect the public from privacy and safety concerns and also to protect our wildlife havens from disturbances causes from the noise and movement of the device. 

Electricity, power points and generators

Electricity is not available in the Park. Any generators may be allowed only as part of hiring a space, and must be approved before use in the Park. If you are engaging a commercial supplier, they must have their own power source. For more information and approvals contact


It is illegal to fish within Sydney Olympic Park, including from riverbanks. The Park is an environmental conservation area and all fish, crustaceans and molluscs are protected. These may also be toxic for human consumption due to the historic pollution of Homebush Bay.

Jumping castles or similar amusement devices/inflatables

Inflatable amusements are not permitted, all other amusement devices are subject to approval. View more information and permits.

Picnic shelters

We have a variety of picnic shelters located throughout our Parklands. Unless otherwise indicated, they are to be shared amongst other visitors. View our map to locate the various shelters.

You may also hire a space

Pets in the Park

Dogs are very welcome to enjoy the open spaces and Parklands with their responsible owners. We ask dog owners and professional walkers to be considerate of the environment. 

Learn more about where we welcome dogs and where they are not permitted and how you can keep your pet and the environment safe.

Learn more

Walk-in entertainers

Permitted only as part of hiring a space. Any entertainers must be organised by you and approved through our application process. They must be able to provide a copy of their current Public Liability Insurance.

For further information or to make an inquiry please contact

As they are walk-in entertainers, they will not require Park Ranger assistance and must walk to your booked site. If they require any assistance or need to be escorted off-road to the shelter, additional fees will apply and this must organised through the application process.

General information


This program is currently suspended whilst Sydney Olympic Park Authority explores safe and practicable methods for reintroducing busking into the Park.


All roles are advertised through the I Work for NSW portal.

Food stalls

Sydney Olympic Park Authority does not book or manage food trucks. Please contact the venue, business, or event organiser about running your food truck at their events or premises.

Lost property

If you lost your item within a particular venue, we recommend you contact the venue directly.

If you lost your item within our town centre, in a car park, or in the parklands, please email us at Please include a description, location and the date and time.

Mosquito management

We implement a proactive and extensive program aimed at reducing pest mosquitoes on lands under our care to improve comfort levels for people living, visiting and working in the area. 

Find out more about our mosquito management program.

Provide feedback

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Student projects and assignments

We receive many requests from students all around the world to assist with projects and assignments. Unfortunately, our dedicated teams cannot respond to these individual requests. Please refer to our resource centre for public information that may assist you with your project.