Sydney Olympic Park supports a rich natural environment that includes over 250 native animal species, over 400 native plant species and three endangered ecological communities.

Natural heritage of Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park is home to diverse natural environments of high ecological value. This encompasses forest, woodland, grassland and wetland habitats. In the Park, there are three endangered ecological communities and 100 hectares of intertidal wetlands.

Under NSW legislation 304 hectares of the Park have been zoned for environmental conservation or management. Over 250 native wildlife species and 400 plant species are supported by these areas, including many threatened species. This biodiversity demonstrates the positive outcomes that can be achieved with ongoing protection and restoration.

A comprehensive annual ecological monitoring and reporting program for focal species and communities informs the Authority’s conservation management strategies. 


Birds in the park

Flora and fauna

Discover the array of species and communities of conservation significance within the Park, from endangered saltmarsh habitats to Australia's only fishing bat.
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Birds in the park

Species list

The Park is home to over 250 native animal species and over 400 native plant species, many uncommon in urban areas.
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Close encounters with nature

Much of the Park’s flora and fauna can be seen from bike trails, walking paths and scenic boardwalks within the Park. One of the objectives of the Park is to ensure that animals are protected and can find natural food and shelter within the Park's habitats. Visitors to the Park can help to protect and conserve biodiversity by:

  • staying out of sensitive habitats and keeping to the paths or mown grass areas.
  • not feeding birds and animals, as this can encourage some species to become pests through changes in their behaviour. Feeding by visitors is not healthy for wild animals; it alters their diet and prevents them from performing their natural role in the environment.

Explore the Park

Pets in the Park

Dogs are very welcome to enjoy the open spaces and Parklands with their responsible owners. We ask dog owners and professional walkers to be considerate of the environment. 

Learn more about where we welcome dogs and where they are not permitted and how you can keep your pet and the environment safe.

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Chronicling 20 years of nature restoration

Chronicling 20 years of nature restoration

'20 Years of Healing: Delivering the Ecological Legacy of the Green Games' reveals how adaptive management has been applied to the challenges of nature conservation in the city and charts the Park’s progress to date.

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