Path of Champions

Honouring Australian athletes.

Paralympian, Kurt Fearnley


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Located at the entrance to the Athletic Centre.

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The Path of Champions honours Australian Athletes

The Athletic Centre Path of Champions recognises Australia’s contribution to sporting excellence by honouring NSW athletes who have attained the status of Olympic Champion, World Champion or a World Record Holder in International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) recognised track and field events.

The Path consists of 14 plaques of NSW athletes and was installed for the Official Opening of the Athletic Centre in March 1994.

Paralympic Path of Champions
The Paralympic Path of Champions honours outstanding NSW athletes who have won gold medals at Paralympic Games since 2000. One athlete is selected to represent each year’s Paralympic Games.

To qualify for inclusion the athlete must be a New South Wales Paralympic gold medalist (Paralympic Champion) who has won a gold medal at a Paralympic Games in track and field from 2000 onwards. The athlete who contributed the most outstanding performance at each Paralympic Games will be selected for inclusion by the Australian Paralympic Committee. 

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