Sydney Olympic Park Authority Web Privacy Statement

Last updated May 2023.


Sydney Olympic Park Authority takes the privacy of our patrons, clients, stakeholders and staff seriously and will protect privacy in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) (PPIP Act) and health information under the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (HRIP Act). The Authority sits within the Department of Planning and Environment and adheres to the Department’s Privacy Management Plan and privacy policies.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority is committed to ensuring that personal information is:

  • only collected where directly required for an activity or service provided, and when doing so the purpose, intended recipients and whether it is required by law or is voluntary is clearly stated
  • only collected directly from the individual to whom the information relates, unless the individual has authorised the collection from someone else or the information relates to a person under the age of 16 years and has been provided by their parent or guardian
  • protected with necessary safeguards against loss, unauthorised access, misuse, modification or disclosure
  • not kept for longer than necessary and is disposed of securely
  • accessible on request from the individual on whom the information is held.

This page provides you with information on how privacy legislation protects your personal and health information and how we meet our obligations in respect of your information.


In this statement the following definitions apply:

Anonymous Server Information” includes anonymous information for standard statistical analysis, such as:

  • IP address of the computer which accesses the website;
  • Date and time of visits;
  • Pages viewed;
  • Type of browser used; and
  • Operating system used to access the site.

Customer” means any person who visits a website of the SOPA or who contacts SOPA through email, mail, fax, telephone or in person.

personal information” has the same meaning as contained in section 4 of the PPIP Act.

PPIP Act means the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

Registered User” means a person who has registered to receive information from SOPA.

SOPA” means the Sydney Olympic Park Authority ABN 68 010 941 405, a statutory body constituted under the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001 (NSW) of Level 8, 5 Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127.

SOPA Venues” means the following venues which are divisions of SOPA:

  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre;
  • Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre;
  • Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre;
  • Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre;
  • Sydney Olympic Park Quaycentre; and
  • Sydney Olympic Park Sports Halls.

SOPA Websites” include the websites found at the following URLs:;;

Who We Are

SOPA is a NSW Government agency that is a division of the Planning and Environment cluster.

SOPA comprises of the following SOPA Venues:

  • Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre;
  • Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre;
  • Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre;
  • Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre;
  • Sydney Olympic Park Quay Centre; and
  • Sydney Olympic Park Sports Halls.

The SOPA Venues have individual websites that are SOPA Websites.

When you access SOPA Websites, your privacy is protected under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (HRIP Act).

Personal information may only be disclosed in accordance with the exemptions provided under the PPIP Act. Any information you provide about yourself to the Authority will only be used in accordance with our Privacy Management Plan.

The plan sets out how SOPA complies with the principles of the PPIP Act and the HRIP Act.

What is personal information?

Personal information can be considered to be information that identifies you. The PPIP defines “personal information” as:

“Information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database and whether or not in a recorded form) about an individual whose identity is apparent or can be reasonably be ascertained from the information or opinion”

Examples of personal information include:

  • a record which may include your name, address and other details about you
  • photographs, images, video or audio footage
  • fingerprints, blood or DNA samples.

Collection of personal information

SOPA collects personal information from our Customers through various mechanisms, including but not limited to: the SOPA Websites; mail, email, telephone; CCTV; physical forms; webcams; and photographs.

SOPA collects personal information from its Customers when they:

  • Visit the SOPA Websites;
  • Participate in on-line surveys or competitions via the SOPA Websites;
  • Join the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Health Club Membership;
  • Enrol in the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Swim School or Gymnastics Club;
  • Make a booking or enquiry for SOPA or SOPA Venues clubs, programs, sites, events and activities;
  • Book online to use the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Halls Badminton Courts;
  • Enter competitions, lucky door prizes, special offers or other entry forms;
  • Communicate with SOPA including through emails, hard copy mail, fax, telephone, feedback forms, our ‘Contact Us’ pages, and/or in person at our Visitor Centre or an office of SOPA;
  • Register for forms or newsletters eg. What's On? Updates and Business Events News
  • Enter Sydney Olympic Park through Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

The above are just some examples of when SOPA may collect personal information and is not an exhaustive list.

Please note the below:

  1. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
    SOPA has CCTV cameras in public areas, including inside venues and car parking facilities, for public safety and security monitoring.
    For more information on CCTV, please see SOPA [CCTV Protocol]

  2. Analysis of CCTV footage
    Data collected from CCTV footage will be provided to a third-party service provider to run analytics to obtain insights into crowds present at venues. The insights obtained will assist SOPA in improving its security measures.

    The footage used for data analytics will not be used to identify individuals and will be deleted by SOPA in accordance with our privacy policy once it is no longer required.

  3. Member Photo Storage
    Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Health Club stores member photos to help prevent fraud. If the Aquatic Centre issues you with a membership card, your image will be stored. The photo storage system will help stop someone else using your membership card and membership benefits.

    Stored images can only be accessed by staff authorised to administer membership services at the Aquatic Centre. Your image will not be provided to any external agencies unless required by law.

    For the purpose of confirming your identity and membership status your image will also appear on the point of sale computer screens when you enter the Aquatic Centre.

  4. E-Commerce Transactions
    Information submitted when engaging in online transactions with SOPA, pass through a registered secure server which is operated by a third party. This server makes use of all available protective processes for the security of e-commerce information. SOPA does not accept any responsibility for security breaches that are beyond SOPA’s control.

Why We Collect Your Information

We collect your information to assist in providing you with services you have requested and for improving the services provided by SOPA.

Personal information collected will be used for administrative purposes related to a program, facility or service or for communicating information to you regarding facilities, programs, services or promotions that are deemed appropriate to your interests and needs, or which may enhance your use of Sydney Olympic Park and its facilities.

What we do with your personal information

Your personal information will normally be used for the primary reason that it was collected for or a directly related secondary purpose.

We may do the following with the information you have submitted:

  • mail or email you occasionally with personalised information or updates relating to your membership or subscription;
  • contact you by email, mail or telephone (if you have provided these details) for the purpose of providing you a service you have requested, to inform you if you have won a competition or are eligible for a special offer, or to allow us to update your Personal Information;
  • use CCTV footage data to monitor customer behaviour (measuring sentiment) to obtain real-time information about crowds and inform operational decisions for security purposes
  • use anonymous information for aggregated statistical purposes (for more details see below section ‘Sharing anonymous information’).

How we store and protect information

SOPA will take reasonable security measures to protect personal information from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure or other misuse. We will ensure personal information is stored securely, not kept longer than necessary, and disposed of appropriately.

SOPA stores your personal information in strict confidence in secure access controlled databases. SOPA shares some of its databases with the Office of Sport and Venues NSW.

SOPA may also use third party system providers who may store or have access to personal information.

SOPA also take steps to destroy or de-identify information that we no longer require. In some cases there are statutory requirements for retaining information for a prescribed period of time.

Your information will be archived and disposed of in accordance with the SOPA’s policies, legislative requirements and guidelines based on the NSW State Records Act 1998.

Sharing your personal information

SOPA will not make your personal information available to any third party, except for the Office of Sport and Venues NSW, unless:

  • You consent to the release of the personal information;
  • SOPA believes it is necessary to provide you with a service or activity you have requested or chosen to undertake; or
  • it is otherwise permitted or required by law.

Some examples of when SOPA may release your personal information include:

  • to protect the rights or property of SOPA, any Customer or any member of the public; and
  • to lessen or prevent a serious and imminent threat to the life, health or safety of the individual or another person.

Sharing anonymous information

At times we may share Anonymous Server Information with our advertisers, sponsors and partners. Whilst your personal information is protected as outlined above, we may use aggregated, anonymous data about our customers for statistical purposes.

For example, we might report to our partners that a certain percentage of our customers are interested in certain events and activities, based on information requests. This is done to acquire a better understanding of our customers and attract better and improved services for our customers from our advertisers, sponsors and partners.

Any research carried out via SOPA Websites is for the exclusive use of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority. Should additional use of the information be proposed, we will contact you for permission to do so.

Information Collected From Children

Parental consent is required when personal information is obtained from or submitted by persons under 18 years of age.

There are situations, such as online registrations, competitions and feedback forms, where children may provide information.

SOPA understands the importance of protecting the safety and privacy of children and will deal with all information received as outlined above. However, SOPA encourages parents/carers to monitor their child's online experience and when providing information.

Unauthorised and unlawful use of the website

SOPA will collect more extensive information if it identifies unauthorised attempts to interfere with or compromise the security of the SOPA Websites or where it suspects there has been a breach of the laws of New South Wales or the Commonwealth of Australia.

SOPA reserves the right to make disclosures to relevant authorities where the use of its website raises a suspicion that an offence is being or has been committed.

Website Privacy Statement

This website is maintained by Sydney Olympic Park Authority and this privacy statement applies to all the publicly accessible pages located on following URL’s:;;

The privacy of our website visitors is of utmost importance to us. The purpose of this statement is to let you know what information is collected when you visit the SOPA Websites and how this information is used.

SOPA does not have any responsibility for the privacy policies or practices of third party sites linked to the SOPA Websites.

Customers of the SOPA Websites are entitled to expect that any information gathered while using the SOPA Websites will be treated within the terms of the New South Wales government's privacy responsibilities and obligations. The New South Wales government's privacy practices are regulated by the New South Wales Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

If you have any questions about the SOPA Websites, or the application of this privacy statement or a request for access to information held please contact us.

Phone: 02 9860 1440
Address: 4 Parramatta Square, Locked Bag 5022, Parramatta NSW 2124

Privacy Complaints

If you have a complaint about how the Sydney Olympic Park Authority has used your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer in the first instance;
Phone: 02 9860 1440
Address: 4 Parramatta Square, Locked Bag 5022, Parramatta NSW 2124

Internal Reviews

People have the right to seek an internal review under the PPIP Act if they think that SOPA has breached the PPIP Act or HRIP Act relating to their own personal or health information.

SOPA encourages people to try to resolve privacy issues informally first before going through the review process or making a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner. We recommend individuals contact the Privacy Contact Officer before lodging an internal review to discuss the issue.

It is not possible for someone to seek an internal review for a breach of someone else’s privacy, unless they are authorised representatives of the other person.

Internal review applications need to be received within six months of individuals becoming aware of the breach. In exceptional cases late applications may be considered for internal review.

A person can seek an internal review by filling out the Internal Review Application Form, available from the Information and Privacy Commission website, and sending it to our Privacy Contact Officer by email, post or in person along with any relevant information.

For more information see our Privacy Management Plan.

Access and correction of information

Under the PPIP Act, you have the right to access the personal information held by SOPA, without excessive delay or expense. You also have the right to have your personal information corrected in certain circumstances (e.g. if it is inaccurate).

Should you wish to access or correct your personal information, please contact us:
Phone: 02 9860 1440
Address: 4 Parramatta Square, Locked Bag 5022, Parramatta NSW 2124

General Enquiries

Enquiries relating to privacy can be directed to:
Phone: 02 9860 1440
Address: 4 Parramatta Square, Locked Bag 5022, Parramatta NSW 2124