Sydney International Tennis Centre - Aerial of Apia Tennis Tournament -  Photo by Ethan Rohloff

Services: Institutes, Academies and Medicine

We are home to many sport services: Institutes, academies and sports medicine facilities and services

Sports Institutes & Academies

The NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) is the State's elite sporting centre of excellence, striving to improve NSW representation on national teams and to assist athletes to perform at world standard. The NSWIS prides itself on providing quality services to its 700 athletes to enable them to be well-rounded both on and off the sporting field. These services include: 

  • elite coaching, 
  • sport science, 
  • sports medicine, 
  • sports psychology 
  • career, education and professional development.

As part of its services to athletes, the NSWIS provides an Athlete Career, Education and Professional Development (ACE/PD) Program. The program aims to ensure that each athlete's career, educational and personal needs are met in a range of areas including opportunities in high schools, TAFE NSW and university education.

Today the Institute has over 700 high performance athletes on squad or individual scholarships and offers 31 sport programs across 24 sports.
Under our innovative mobile/regional program, the NSWIS offers a comprehensive spectrum of support services to NSWIS athletes in their home environment, enabling them to pursue their sporting careers with minimal disruption to their family, education and employment.

Sports medicine

Sports Medicine services in Sydney Olympic Park provide support to sports people whether they are the weekend warrior or a national athlete. 

Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, located in the NSW Institute of Sport Building, is one of the largest and diverse multi-disciplinary Sports Medicine practices in Australia. The Centre for Sports Medicine (TCFSM) at Genea Netball Centre is a unique multi-discipline clinic with a strong focus on rehabilitation.

  • Sports Physicians and GP,
  • Physiotherapists, 
  • Podiatrists,
  • Orthopaedic Consultants, 
  • Massage Therapists,
  • Dieticians,
  • Exercise Physiologists 
  • Sports Psychologists. 

The Sports medicine specialists are experienced and many have worked with professional or National Sporting, Commonwealth and Olympic Games Teams. 

The Sports medicine facilities:

  • The Centre for Sports Medicine
  • Sydney Sports Medicine Centre
  • Hip and Knee Clinic Sydney Olympic Park
  • Castlereagh Imaging
  • Clinical Sports Hypnosis
  • Hui Kang Kin Therapy & Rejuvenation

Sydney Olympic Park Authority is also seeking to enhance the existing medical services onsite with a hospital development in the southern sports precinct.