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Two chicks hatch signalling a promising outlook for the 2020 Sea-Eagles breeding season

03 Aug 2020

White-bellied Sea-Eagle chicks

The Sydney Olympic Park resident White-Bellied Sea-Eagles have laid and now successfully incubated two eggs, with the recent hatching of two chicks in their nest in Newington Nature Reserve.

The first egg hatched on July 28 and the second chick made its way into the world on July 30. 

The eggs were laid approximately 82 hours apart, and a purposefully delayed incubation by the Sea-Eagles meant the eggs hatched around 45 hours and 40 minutes a part, giving the second chick a better chance to catch-up.

Judy Harrington President of Birdlife Southern NSW said the Sea-Eagles were bringing plenty of prey to the nest.

“Mostly fish is being brought to the nest and both are being fed,” said Judy. “There is little to any rivalry seen so far between the siblings.”

Sea-Eagle feeding chicks

A 24hr live stream on the nest EagleCAM provides a worldwide audience the opportunity to watch these magnificent creatures without causing disruption to nature. 

“White-bellied Sea-Eagles are very easily distributed,” said Ms Harrington.

“If these birds felt distributed they would easily abandon their eggs. We are so privileged to watch these wonderful birds, observe their behaviours in order to protect this vulnerable species.”

 The White-Bellied Sea-Eagles are Australia’s second largest raptor. The chicks will now be observed as they grow with hopes for a successful fledging of the nest to come. 

EagleCAM is an initiate of Birdlife Australia with the support of Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

An average of just below one young fledged, successfully flown and left the area, has been achieved each year since EagleCAM began in 2008. 






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