Public Notice

Scouts Newington Onsite Notice Plan

15 Oct 2020

Building 140 & 146 Newington Armory

Notice of Proposal to grant a licence under s32(1) of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001 (NSW)

Pursuant to Section 32(1) of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001 (NSW), Sydney Olympic Park Authority, proposes to grant to Scouts Association of Australia NSW Branch ABN 42 460 434 054 a licence agreement over premises known as Building 140 & 146, Newington Armory, Jamieson Street Sydney Olympic Park.

Parklands Precinct, Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park – Folio Identifier 3/883215

Purposes for which the land will be used under the proposed licences
The premises will be used for the:

  1. Administration and management of a publicly accessible museum (displaying memorabilia and interpretation elements of the Scouts history); and
  2. Administration and storage in relation to Scout related activities within the Newington Armory precinct.

Term of the proposed licences
1 year expiring 29 May 2021

Peter Serrao, Senior Manager Commercial Services: (02) 9714 7225

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