Protecting our wildlife from foxes and cats

08 Feb 2021

Sydney Olympic Park is home to an incredible number of native birds, frogs, bats, possums and lizards with over 250 species inhabiting the local area.

Increased sightings of foxes and cats in local Wildlife Protection Areas, especially the Narawang Wetland, is posing a significant threat to native wildlife.

The Narawang Wetland is classified as a high conservation value home to creatures such as the migratory Latham’s Snipe from Japan and the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog. 

As part of managing these important Wildlife Protection Areas and conserving nature, Sydney Olympic Park Authority will conduct fox and cat trapping in the area accordance with the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998.

Any cats found will be taken to a veterinary clinic to be checked for identification.

The community can report cat sightings to Sydney Olympic Park Authority by emailing the time and location of sightings to

To learn how to best care for cats and native wildlife visit

More information on our cat management program