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Park News

Open tender for leasing of the Lodge at Sydney Olympic Park

03 Apr 2018

Sydney Olympic Park Authority is seeking responses to an open tender for the leasing of The Lodge at Sydney Olympic Park.

Located within the heritage-listed Newington Armory, The Lodge features:
• Four separate accommodation buildings equipped to accommodate 160 beds – each with its own meeting room, kitchen and amenities
• A large dining hall and recreation area
• An administration building with main accommodation amenities and staff sleeping areas

The open tender seeks a tenant to occupy the premises for a maximum of five years.

The Lodge to-date has primarily provided low-cost, accommodation services; particularly well used by school groups, sporting teams, music and creative arts groups as well as other visitors. Although its current permitted use is for short-term accommodation, Sydney Olympic Park Authority is now open to considering other permissible uses for The Lodge.

Charles Moore, CEO of Sydney Olympic Park Authority, said: “The Lodge is the sole accommodation offering at the 52-hectare Newington Armory. The open tender provides Sydney Olympic Park Authority an excellent opportunity to review the operation of the facility and the potential for this site to contribute to the growing central arts and cultural precinct here in the Park.”

“Newington Armory has developed its offering as an important environmental and heritage location with a growing number of commercial activities and community uses,” said Mr Moore. “We would like to see Newington Armory become a thriving cultural and recreational hub for greater Sydney.”

Newington Armory is a picturesque riverside landscape of rolling hills, woodlands and 100 heritage buildings which date back to the 1800s. The area provides a cultural, recreational and arts program featuring a variety of leisure tours and activities such as dis golf, bicycle and Segway hire, Heritage Train Discovery Tour, temporary public art, visual arts exhibitions, digital filmmaking and creative writing for all ages, as well as home to the Judo NSW Training Facility.

The open tender closes on 1 May 2018.

More information on the Lodge tender