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Hub for Indigenous storytelling and healing opens at Newington Armory

19 Nov 2019

A unique Indigenous Dance Ground dedicated to healing and belonging has been launched at the Newington Armory in Sydney Olympic Park.

The Murama Dance Ground is a wonderful new community facility developed by Sydney Olympic Park Authority in partnership with the Murama Cultural Council.

It has been created by the community, for the community, and joins the Murama Healing Space at Newington Armory as part of a dynamic Indigenous heritage hub that supports cultural revival, shared learning and social benefits.

Murama Coordinator, Dr John Hunter said, like all activities that are part of the Murama initiative, the Dance Ground has been built upon the knowledge that real kinship creates healing, hope and belonging.

“This is an inclusive and peaceful space where First Nations peoples can learn, lead, and share culture. It will be a gathering place for the entire community, and a place to celebrate the rich Indigenous culture of Sydney Olympic Park with greater Sydney,” Dr Hunter said.

The development of the Murama Dance Grounds, and the Murama Healing Space within a State Heritage listed building at Newington Armory, was made possible by grants from Create NSW’s Western Sydney Making Spaces fund and the former NSW Office of Environment and Heritage’s Heritage Near Me program.

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and the Arts, Don Harwin said this was an important initiative that the government was proud to support.

“This is a special project that has created a truly unique space to share the culture and stories of our First Nations peoples. The Murama Dance Ground and Murama Healing Space at Newington Armory will provide a focal point for the community to celebrate Indigenous culture, art and heritage for many years to come,” Mr Harwin said.

The launch of the Dance Ground was attended by 1,500 students from the Youth Eco Summit, 50 Indigenous Youth Leaders, Elders and Community leaders, as well as Native American guests taking part in Sydney Olympic Park’s annual Murama Indigenous Youth Summit.

The Dance Grounds are available to host intertribal meetings and community events, Healing Camp programs, school excursions, and arts and cultural awareness programs.