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Local neighbourhood spaces inspired by community and co-designed to feel like home

29 Aug 2021

We are always looking for ways to make Sydney Olympic Park a better place for locals. Our recent Human Centred Co-design Homify project was a successful collaboration and engagement project with our local residents to make improvements to our public spaces that they use daily. Homify was also an industry partnership with Street Furniture Australia and CM+ Architecture who worked with us on the engagement and visualisation throughout the project.

Homify was a made up word and means “to create an ambience that is comfortable and immediately relaxing ... I'm home” Working closely together, we are proud to announce that Sydney Olympic Park is now home to colourful new street furniture, an outdoor stage and performance space, street libraries, murals, a community noticeboard, a dog-friendly water station and a community bike repair hub.

Chief Executive of Placemaking NSW, Anita Mitchell said, These small yet important elements make Sydney Olympic Park feel more like home and a local neighborhood, and still being able to be used as events space that can host Pink! and Elton John.

“During the Homify project we received extensive feedback from local residents, business owners and visitors that we needed to add colour, vibrancy, play and fun to public spaces.

“There was also a strong desire for us to improve the amenities for cyclists, pet owners, families and exercisers. In response we are reviewing our strategies for parking, wayfinding and event programming,” said Anita Mitchell.

At the outset of the COVID pandemic, Sydney Olympic Park Authority increased its focus on to local residents and their liveability, launching the Homify project to work with community to identify priority improvements for local spaces. As a result we co-designed a range of temporary activations and asset improvements. 

The results of our Homify projects are now available on the new online engagement platform #mySOP engage as the Homify Discovery Report. You can hear stories from artists, businesses and key stakeholders involved in the project, and see the murals, exhibitions, outdoor furniture along with cycle and pet friendly amenities.

#mySOP engage has been launched to continue the conversation with the community and involve them in future planning and projects. 

“Sydney Olympic Park is a diverse and dynamic precinct that is used and loved by many different communities for a variety of different reasons.

“We are committed to meaningful and authentic engagement to improve the sustainability, liveability and productivity of Sydney Olympic Park,” said Ms Mitchell. 

The new #mySOP engage is a central source of information for community members to stay informed and get involved in shaping the future of Sydney Olympic Park for our communities now and for future generations.

To find out more about the Homify project and get involved in shaping Sydney Olympic Park’s future, visit