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Sydney Olympic Park reduces water usage in response to Level 2 Restrictions

08 Dec 2019

From Tuesday 10 December 2019, Level 2 Water Restrictions for potable (drinkable) water come into force across Sydney, and as a result the way water is used throughout Sydney Olympic Park is changing.

Most of the water utilised in the public domain of Sydney Olympic Park is recycled water, which is exempt from the restrictions. However Sydney Olympic Park Authority recognises the importance of conserving this valuable resource, and from 10 December a number of changes will be introduced to water-use practices in the Park:

  • Irrigation for landscaped areas will be minimised and will only occur at night to reduce the impact of evaporation;
  • Sports-field maintenance and watering will take place during the evening and early morning, and only when needed;
  • Water features at locations such as the Olympic Cauldron, Fig Grove and Haslam’s Pier will no longer operate, except for the brief periods of time required to maintain equipment (estimated to be approximately 30 minutes, three times a week);
  • The Blaxland Riverside water play area will have reduced operating hours; from 1-5pm on weekends and 1-5pm on all days during school holidays;
  • The water play facilities at Bicentennial Park’s Treillage Fountain will only operate from 1-5pm on weekends.

Environmental sustainability is one of the key priorities of Sydney Olympic Park Authority and the changes to water usage will be reviewed over the coming months to ensure water is being managed appropriately within the Park.

More information about water management at Sydney Olympic park, including the Park’s world-class water recycling scheme (known as WRAMS) is available on the Water and Catchments page of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority website.