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All eyes on nest

21 Jun 2020

Sea-Eagle incubating two eggs on nest 2020 



Sydney Olympic Park's resident White-Bellied Sea-Eagles have laid two eggs with the hopes of a successful breeding season on the way for 2020.

The eggs were laid about 82 hours apart in the nest found in Newington Nature Reserve at Sydney Olympic Park and accessible to a worldwide twitcher audience through a 24-hr live stream: EagleCAM.

Incubation time is expected to last around 40 days.

Judy Harrington Birdlife Australia Volunteer and former Sydney Olympic Park Ranger said if the chicks hatch several days apart, the first chick will be stronger and may monopolise food.

First egg laid on nest“The Sea-Eagles gave the second chick a better chance to catch up, by delaying incubation of the first egg,” shared Ms Harrington.

“Even though it is very cold now, both eagles left the first egg uncovered for quite long periods. As the second egg lay approached, incubation time gradually increased."

“Now both eagles will keep the two eggs warm, with the female taking the night shift.”

It is expected that the eggs will hatch much closer together than the 82 hour difference between laying thanks to this strategy. 

The White-Bellied Sea-Eagles at Sydney Olympic Park have been regularly observed since 2008. Before this project, little was known about the complete breeding cycle of Sea-Eagles. 

EagleCAM was established in 2009 by Birdlife Australia in partnership with Sydney Olympic Park Authority to provide a more comprehensive monitoring program throughout the entire breeding season, whilst minimising impacts of human disturbance.

An average of just below one young fledged, successfully flown and left the area, has been achieved each year. 

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