Largest ARTEXPRESS exhibition visits Sydney Olympic Park

27 Feb 2023

Sydney Olympic Park will showcase the best artworks by NSW students as the largest ARTEXPRESS exhibition visits the Park’s Armory Gallery.

ARTEXPRESS is a series of exhibitions of exemplary artworks created by NSW visual arts students for their Higher School Certificate examination. ARTEXPRESS features 266 artworks selected from 8,028 student works from the 2022 higher school certificate cohort. Sydney Olympic Park Armory Gallery will feature 65 of these artworks at the exhibition.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority CEO, Liz Develin said she was proud to have the largest exhibition of ARTEXPRESS showcased at the Armory Gallery.

“Sydney Olympic Park is much more than an event precinct and we take pride in being home to an impressive heritage-listed Armory Gallery as well as over 400 hectares of parklands and much more,” Dr Develin said.

“ARTEXPRESS has become an invaluable tool for upcoming students to take the pulse on expectations and has also been the launching pad for many artistic careers, including Archibald Prize-winning artists such as Ben Quilty, Jasper Knight, Tom Polo, and Julie Fragar, among others. The artwork on exhibition also proves that art has no age boundary and that we are lucky enough to have so many budding young artists coming through the ranks in NSW. I encourage art enthusiasts, residents, and visitors to come and view the exhibition and enjoy a day at Sydney Olympic Park.”

Albury High School student and exhibiting artist, Amelia Spinks, said her work titled ‘The Stolen Relic’ was inspired by the vividness of stories and the way characters come to life.

“The characters in my work are first seen within the pages of a comic, then become three-dimensional in the form of hand-sculpted polymer clay figures,” she said. “I explored this concept due to my love of storytelling in movies, comics, and books, and my intent was to bring my own characters to life.”

ARTEXPRESS will be open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-2pm on weekdays and 10am-4pm on weekends, at the Armory Gallery in Sydney Olympic Park from March 7 to April 16.

ARTEXPRESS is a collaboration between NSW Department of Education’s Arts Unit and NSW Education Standards Authority.

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