Brickpit Ring Walk - Brickpit Ring Walk at Sydney Olympic Park- photography by Kraig Carlstrom


Volunteers play an important role in conservation of the Park’s ecosystems, and each year give thousands of hours of their time to activities including survey of birds, frogs and reptiles, and to clean-up of the Park’s waterways. 

New volunteers are always welcome and generally participate through our community partners. 

Conservation Volunteers Australia lead a range of programs for both individual community members and corporate teams. Activities include planting, litter collection for waterway rehabilitation, and heritage works.

Annual Bird Census - the Cumberland Bird Observers Club surveys over 45 sites around the Park each spring. Surveys commence in September, continue for eight weeks, and are conducted on Tuesday mornings. 

Frog auditory census – the Frog and Tadpole Study Group conducts auditory surveys of the Park’s freshwater wetlands each summer, to identify the species and numbers of male frogs calling at each location. Surveys are conducted at night, usually in December or January. The club also holds its bi-monthly meetings at the Park.

Reptile survey – the Australian Herpetological Society surveys the Park’s reptiles each summer, to identify the species present and their distributions. Surveys are usually conducted over two weekends in summer.

Clean Up Australia DayMembers of the community and business groups are invited to help clean up the Park’s waterways in March each year.