Australia Towers - Excavation for Building works -  Photo by Paul K Robbins

Planning & Building

Our relevant planning and building guidelines, policies and application forms, boundary maps of the town centre and the parklands are available in the Resource Centre.

This information will help you with designing a development, preparing and lodging a development application, building certification requirements and work related approvals.

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (1979), almost all development projects will require a planning consent to be obtained through a Consent Authority.

Depending on the type of development being proposed you can lodge your Development Application either through the NSW Department of Planning or Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

In addition to planning related consents, other approvals or a commercial agreement (eg licence/lease) may be required. Such approvals/agreements include development in the parklands, development or use of land owned by us and development affecting our operations.

Upon practical completion, developers may be required to provide us with a full set of 'work as executed' documents, for its records. These requirements will be outlined in determination conditions or as part of a lease.

Heritage items at Sydney Olympic Park include:

When undertaking development in these precincts, the development must be designed and constructed in accordance with the Heritage Conservation Master Plan for the precincts.