Stock Route Park - Discobolus at Sydney Olympic Park - photography by Paolo Busato

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As a world-leading precinct built on the legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic & Paralympic Games, Sydney Olympic Park is diverse and carefully-planned, bringing together the best in residential living, sport, entertainment, recreation, business, education and the environment, right in the heart of global Sydney.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority are custodians of the Park, with a strong commitment to creating a vibrant, sustainable community within an unequalled destination for sport, entertainment, recreation and business and one of Australia's largest and most diverse urban parklands.

From 30 June 2020, Sydney Olympic Park became part of Placemaking NSW within the Place, Design and Public Spaces Group of the Department under the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces.
The remit of the Place, Design and Public Spaces Group is to influence, enable and deliver great places for the people of NSW, now and for the future.   
Placemaking NSW/Sydney Olympic Park is focused on ensuring:

  • Sydney Olympic Park becomes an active and vibrant centre within metropolitan Sydney
  • Sydney Olympic Park becomes a premium destination for cultural, entertainment, recreation and sporting events
  • any new development carried out under or in accordance with this Act accords with best practice accessibility standards and environmental and town planning standards and
  • the protection and enhancement of the natural heritage of the Millennium Parklands.

Placemaking NSW/Sydney Olympic Park Authority (‘SOPA’ or the ‘Authority’) is subject to the control and direction of the NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces in the exercise of its functions. 

The Chief Executive is responsible for the day-to-day management of the affairs of Sydney Olympic Park Authority in accordance with the specific polices and general directions of the Board. Sydney Olympic Park Authority Board is appointed in accordance with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority NSW Act 2001. 
The Placemaking NSW Advisory Committee was established in July 2020 with common membership with the Place Management NSW Board and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Board.