New program for older Australians at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

17 Jun 2017

Sydney Olympic Park has launched a program to help the older members of our community to stay fit and healthy longer.

Sports Minister Stuart Ayres today welcomed a new initiative allowing pensioners and seniors free entry to Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre every Tuesday.

“We are proud to be supporting this initiative. Swimming is the perfect low impact exercise for older Australians and this is about promoting healthier lifestyles - to help the mind and body,” Mr Ayres said.

“Our seniors have worked hard all their lives, it is only fitting that we provide access to facilities to improve their health and well-being where we can.”

The program provides for free entry into Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre every Tuesday pensioners and seniors from 8am – 3pm, allowing them the opportunity to take advantage of one of Australia’s finest aquatic centres at no cost.

This initiative is particularly welcome as it coincides with the closure of Parramatta Pool, which is to be demolished as part of the redevelopment of Parramatta Stadium and a new centre to be built in Parramatta Park over the next few years.

“Many seniors and pensioners used the older Parramatta Pool facility; this is an opportunity for those pool users, together with other pensioners and seniors, to get free entry into our state-of-the-art centre” said Aquatic Centre Marketing Manager Josie Casal.

“It’s particularly good as winter hits, it may be cold outside but the pool temperature is set to a balmy 26 degrees, perfect for a long, relaxing and healthy swim” Josie said.

Some 15,000 seniors and pensioners visit the Aquatic Centre every year and it’s expected many more will be enticed into the water to stay active and healthy.

“Swimming is great low impact exercise, all of which help maintain muscle tone, aerobic fitness and promote a longer, healthier lifestyle for our older community members” Josie said, adding. “We look forward to seeing as many seniors and pensioners as possible down here every Tuesday”.