Fire at Monster Skate Park and Sports Halls

Fire trucks at Sydney Olympic Park

16 May 2017

At approximately 2.30 on the afternoon of Friday, 12 May a fire was discovered within the indoor area of the Skate Park, which grew quickly, spreading to the adjoining Sports Halls building. Staff in both venues quickly evacuated patrons as the alarm was raised.

Emergency services responded quickly to the scene, with more than 30 NSW Fire and Rescue, Ambulance Service of NSW and NSW Police units part of the response.

The plume of thick black smoke rose from the site, which could be seen as far away as North Sydney and the Sydney CBD, attracting a lot of media and social media attention with four television networks and several newspapers arriving to cover the incident.

Swift action by emergency services saw the Fire Commander declare the incident contained at 4.26pm and extinguished by 5.06pm although units remained on the site for some time afterwards to ensure there was no re-ignition.

At this time both facilities remain closed while the damage to Monster’s indoor areas and to the Sports Halls East Hall is being assessed; with an eye to restoring both to full operation as soon as possible. 

In the interim, Monster hopes to re-open its external ramps and Monster Shop as soon as possible.

The Sports Halls’ functions will be transferred to other venues until further assessments are complete.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and a timeframe for the repairs to both facilities is not yet known.