Environmental Monitoring Data

Sydney Olympic Park Authority is working together with the Environment Protection Authority, via an Environment Protection Licence, to ensure the environment is protected. Wilson Park, the Water Reclamation and Management Scheme (WRAMS) and Blaxland Sustainable Leachate Wetlands are currently monitored.

Environment protection licences:

  • protect, restore and enhance the quality of the environment in NSW, having regard to the need to maintain ecologically sustainable development
  • ensure that the community has access to relevant and meaningful information about pollution
  • rationalise, simplify and strengthen the regulatory framework for environment protection
  • improve the efficiency of administration of the environment protection legislation
  • reduce risks to human health and prevent the degradation of the environment by the use of mechanisms that promote:
    • pollution prevention and cleaner production
    • the reduction to harmless levels of the discharge of substances likely to cause harm to the environment
    • the reduction in the use of materials and the re-use or recycling of materials
    • the making of progressive environmental improvements, including the reduction of pollution at source
    • the monitoring and reporting of environmental quality on a regular basis.