Site Operations

Work Permit

Any person planning to undertake works on Sydney Olympic Park land is required to submit a Work Permit Application Form. Work permits are required to ensure that all works across the precinct are conducted in a safe and coordinated manner.

All application must be submitted 10 working days in advance with all supporting paperwork. Sydney Olympic Park Authority assesses requests based on the scope of work, time frames, traffic implications and other proposed activities such as events and other approved works.

There is no fee for a work permit to be issued, however other fees may apply if other services are required, including hoarding, road openings or road occupancy.

For more information contact the Site Works and Development Co-ordinator on 02 9714 7422.

Hoarding, road openings and road occupancy

Fees apply for the erection of hoardings, opening of roads and occupations of roads or closures. 

ItemApplication FeeRental FeeBonds
Hoarding Permit
A' Class Hoarding
B' Class Hoarding
(Minimum 3 months rental)



Work Zone/Truck Zone Permit
Work Zone
Truck Zone
(Signage installation and removal at cost. Minimum 3 months rental)

Road Occupancy Permit
Plant & Equipment
Skip Bin
(Minimum 1 day rental)


Road Opening Permit
Road Opening various



Cost of restoration & ongoing maintenance for 12 months

Download the relevant application form or contact Sydney Olympic Park Authority's Site Works and Development Coordinator on 02 9714 7530 for more information.

acrobat pdf downloadRoad occupancy application form (PDF 48KB)

acrobat pdf download Road opening application form (PDF 38KB)

acrobat pdf download Amusement device application form (PDF 32KB)

acrobat pdf download Hoarding permit application form (PDF 41KB)

acrobat pdf download Work truck zone application form (PDF 42KB)  

Road closures

Any person requiring a road closure must contact Sydney Olympic Park Authority's Traffic & Transport Manager to discuss the proposal. The Authority will only approve a road closure if no alternative option is available, including lane closures.

If the concept for a road closure is supported by the Authority's Traffic & Transport Manager an application for a work permit must be submitted with all supporting documentation including an appropriate traffic control plan. This plan must be in accordance with the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority's Traffic Control At Work Site Manual.

The Authority may place additional conditions on any road closure including restriction of times closure can be implemented. This may include a requirement to work overnight, before morning peak or after afternoon peak times.

A fee for road occupancy applies. acrobat pdf download Road occupancy application form (PDF 48KB)


Download the schedule of acrobat pdf download Operational fees and charges (PDF 30KB)