Sports Partnerships

Sydney Olympic Park Authority seeks to develop long term partnerships with the sports industry organisations. These partnerships are not only based on attracting major elite sporting events but also include the following principles:

  • Ability to contribute to the sport being staged in Sydney Olympic Park in the 3 elements ie. elite, developmental and community sport
  • Complimentary to the sport utilisation focus of the Park’s venues
  • Facilitate good visitation and/or brand outcomes for Sydney Olympic Park
  • Bring new uses and new events to Sydney Olympic Park
  • Offer longevity to the Park ie preference to deliver activities regularly across a 3 year period
  • Provide a financial return to the Park’s venues and/or the Authority
  • Offer a strong  engagement with a focus on the community or sport sector ie women, ethnic clusters, University, Olympic, Paralympic etc


Partnerships with Sydney Olympic Park Authority include: