The Future Looks Bright

Future looks bright - aerial
               Photo: Ethan Rohloff

Sydney Olympic Park Authority is guided by a carefully crafted and researched blueprint, Master Plan 2030, designed to fulfil its destiny to become one of the world’s great contemporary civic spaces.

Ensuring the protection and enhancement of the natural heritage of the parklands, Master Plan 2030’s vision for the sustainable development of Sydney Olympic Park will see growth accelerate with 1.4 million square metres of new construction planned and the precinct eventually catering for a daily population of over 50,000 people, in addition to visitors and event patrons.

The Park will provide more than 31,500 jobs, with about 6,000 new dwellings constructed to house approximately 14,000 residents.

Up to 5,000 students will be supported at Sydney Olympic Park and all of this while retaining major event capability for up to 250,000 patrons at any one time.

Master Plan 2030 is under review with plans to amend the Master Plan to create a world-class centre with an 18–24/7 economy; provide a regional approach to traffic and transport; support high levels of activation; and support a vibrant, well-designed and liveable town centre with enhanced retail facilities and open space.

In the first 5 years of its use, Master Plan 2030 has been a catalyst for significant and transformative change in the Sydney Olympic Park town centre. Almost a third of the total planned capacity identified in Master Plan 2030 is either complete or committed for development.

Master Plan 2030 supports the NSW Government’s new metropolitan strategy, A Plan for Growing Sydney, which sets the vision for Sydney as a strong global city and a great place to live, accommodating new homes and jobs whilst protecting the natural environment.

A Plan for Growing Sydney highlights the significance of the Olympic corridor which connects and supports the two CBDs — Sydney and Parramatta — and identifies new growth areas close to Sydney Olympic Park, which will transform the city.

The next exciting stage for Sydney Olympic Park is imminent, building on Sydney Olympic Park’s rich history, iconic and natural value and its priceless legacy.

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