Assets with Eyes

Double barred Finch
               Photo: Nevil Lazarus

Welcome to the Assets with Eyes - Sydney Olympic Park's ecology newsletter. 

Sydney Olympic Park has incredible biodiversity values. It is home to over 250 species of fauna, 400 species of plants, and 3 endangered ecological communities. This monthly newsletter features the latest information on the Park’s diverse web of life and how we care for them and their habitat.

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Past Editions:

July 2016

  • Creature Feature: Striped Marsh Frog
  • Powells Creek Fishway renewed
  • Grass fires at Woo-la-ra
  • Heavy rain and high tides pummel Sydney Olympic Park

June 2016

  • Nest and roost boxes still hot property
  • Lacewings of Sydney Olympic Park
  • Antlions - Kings of the underworld
  • Floating island adds value to Bell Frog pond

May 2016

  • Butterflies of Sydney Olympic Park
  • Welcoming the New Lady-Friend
  • Microbat Monitoring
  • Vale Fred the Frog

April 2016

  • New bird species: Double-banded Plover
  • Cat Management Program
  • Darter Rescue
  • Spiders are welcome

March 2016

  • Migratory shorebirds return to Main Lagoon
  • Sacred Kingfisher
  • Clean Up Days
  • Farewell Latham’s Snipe

February 2016 

  • Bell frog with broken leg hops again
  • Fox diet in focus
  • Black-shouldered Kites raise second brood
  • Celebrate World Wetlands Day

January 2016

  • Head-banging Blue-banded bee
  • Spotlight on Weasel Skink
  • Common Sandpiper
  • Pampas Grass control continues