Access Advisory Committee

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               Photo: Paolo Busato

The Access Advisory Committee (the Committee) provides Sydney Olympic Park Authority (the Authority) with advice, including recommendations for appropriate strategies and actions, on a broad range of matters relating to the assessment and management of equitable access provisions and facilities for people with a disability at Sydney Olympic Park.

The Committee comprises of people from peak disability groups and agencies, private consultancies and personnel from the Authority. The Committee generally meets 3-4 times a year and reports to the Authority's Chief Executive Officer.

All Authority developments at Sydney Olympic Park are required to be presented to the Committee who may endorse the proposal with or without the consideration of additional or appropriate access requirements.

The Access Advisory Committee currently comprises the following members:

  • Mr Mark Relf (Chair)
  • Ms Jane Bryce
  • Ms Jennifer Moon
  • Ms Jane Bringolf
  • Mr Glenn Redmayne
  • Ms Jean Halcrow
  • Ms Robyn Thompson
  • Mr Gavin Syme (Sydney Olympic Park Authority)