Pre-book car parking

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               Photo: Paul K Robbins

Note: Saturday 28 Nov Sydney Olympic Park will be extremely busy with multiple events. V8 infrastructure will also be in place. Catch public transport. If you must drive, pre-book parking only as car parks will fill. Plan your trip.

Pre-book parking costs $25 a car per day. You can pre-book parking until 11.59pm the day before your visit.  

To buy a ticket: 
  1. Enter the date 
  2. Select a car park
  3. Pay the $25 a car flat fee by credit or debit card
  4. Print the ticket - you need to scan this upon arrival to receive a ticket, which allows 1 entry and 1 exit to your selected car park.

Pre-book parking now
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See our pre-book parking  terms and conditions

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