WestConnex new G-loop ramp


27 Jan 2017

WestConnex new G-loop ramp

A new looped ramp (G-loop) has been opened on Homebush Bay Drive which will provide direct, traffic light-free access to the M4 Motorway for drivers heading west towards Parramatta.

As a result, drivers wanting to access the M4 Motorway to head westbound will need to make sure they are in the far left-hand lane on Homebush Bay Drive in order to enter the G-loop.

The two right lanes will now only go south towards Flemington and Hurstville, as there is no longer access to turn on to the M4 Motorway from the right lanes on Homebush Bay Drive.

Please drive carefully if you travel through this area. Remain alert and follow the signs.

For further details, visit Westconnex