Mosquito Management Program

               Image courtesy of Paul K Robbins

15 Nov 2016

Mosquito Management Program

Sydney Olympic Park contains extensive wetland and saltmarsh areas, which are natural breeding habitats for saltwater mosquitoes.

Saltwater mosquitoes (Aedes vigilax) become a particular nuisance each year during their breeding season, which takes place in the warmer months.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority implements a proactive and extensive mosquito management program aimed to reduce pest mosquitoes on lands under its care to improve comfort levels for people living, visiting and working in the area.

The current mosquito management program undertaken by the Authority involves aerial and ground control spraying activities in the mangrove forest and saltmarsh areas of the parklands at Sydney Olympic Park. The larvicide used in the control program is considered safe to people, pets, other fauna and the environment. 

Based on predicted tide data, mosquito helicopter treatment is expected to take place on Newington Nature Reserve wetland during the following periods:

  • Thursday 17 or Friday 18 (Or, Sunday 20 or Monday 21) November 2016 
  • Friday 16 or Saturday 20 December 2016 
  • Sunday 15 or Monday 16 January 2017 
  • Tuesday 31 January or Wednesday 1 February 2017 
  • Monday 13 or Tuesday 14 February 2017 
  • Wednesday 1 or Thursday 2 March 2017 
  • Monday 3 or Tuesday 4 April 2017

Further information about mosquitoes and the management program can be found in the Mosquito Awareness and Protection fact sheet

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