2016 Summer Fire Season

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20 Oct 2016

2016 Summer Fire Season

The 2016 Summer Fire Season has commenced and runs through to 31 March 2017.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority carefully manages the Park to reduce the risk of fire by following a Fire Risk Management Plan which sets out to:

  • Reduce the number of human-induced fire ignitions that cause damage to life, property and the environment
  • Manage fuel to reduce the rate of spread and intensity of fires, while minimizing environmental/ecological impacts
  • Reduce the community’s vulnerability to fires by improving its preparedness
  • Effectively contain fires with a potential to cause damage to life, property and the environment

On Total Fire Ban days, only the barbecues provided by Sydney Olympic Park can be used. All other barbecues are prohibited.

The NSW Rural Fire Service determines when a Total Fire Ban occurs, which is updated on their website

Fact sheets on Total Fire Bans as well as other important fire risk management are available for more information.