Application Fee

All applications must be made in writing. Once received the application period is determined. It is advised that your application represents as closely as possible your final submission for the film shoot. You will be charged additional fees for any last minute significant changes to your initial application.

Please download Adobe PDF Table A - Application Fee Levels (PDF 22KB) to get an indication of the application charges that you will be charged for when filming at Sydney Olympic Park. These charges are based on a cost recovery model which will cover the Authorities cost for processing and managing your shoot.

Your application fee is based on the higher application level eg: if you have 2 locations (medium level) but all other categories come under the low level you will be charged the medium level application fee. The Authority will confirm your application fee once the application has been received.

Terms and Conditions

Approval of applications is at the discretion of the Authority who will take into consideration the nature of the film shoot, the locations required, and any other information the Authority considers relevant.

All application fees are non-refundable.

Successful applications require a signed License Agreement with the Authority, outlining the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Application fees, bond and any operational costs must all be paid IN FULL at least 24 hours prior to film shoot date.

Other charges

Please download Adobe PDF Table B - Additional Fees and Costs (PDF 21KB) for information about:

  • Film/Photographic Shoot Cancellations
  • Wet Weather Cancellation Fees
  • Additional Fees And Costs