Is it Sydney Olympic Park or Homebush?

The correct address is Sydney Olympic Park.  Sydney Olympic Park was officially designated as a suburb by the NSW Geographical Names Board in September 2009.  Homebush is another suburb located approximately 3km away and Homebush Bay refers to the body of water on the southern side of the Parramatta River between the suburbs of Rhodes, Sydney Olympic Park and Wentworth Point.


Can I use the word 'Olympic' in my business name or promotions?

A person or organisation must not use the name 'Sydney Olympic Park' for a commercial purpose without the written consent of Sydney Olympic Park Authority, as outlined in the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001 No 57 (s 67). 

Similarly, a person or organisation must not use the word Olympic or any other Olympic expression for commercial purposes without a license granted by the Australian Olympic Committee, as detailed in the Olympic Insignia Protection Amendment Act 2001 (s 36).

Contact us for further information. 


What parking is available for my staff?

A limited number of permanent parking spaces are available for those wishing to park on a long-term basis at Sydney Olympic Park, such as those who work in the Park or run local businesses. Parking permits are available for purchase in a range of locations across Sydney Olympic Park. 


What parking is available for my customers?

Potential new tenants should research the parking options available for their customers prior to signing their lease by visiting the site or contacting the Authority. 

A number of time-limited, free parking spaces are generally available within the Sydney Olympic Park Town Centre. However, these spaces may not be available at times of major events due to road closures and/or changed traffic conditions. 

Casual parking is generally available in a number of car parks for $5 per hour or $25 per day (maximum).  During certain major events at Sydney Olympic Park (for example; Sydney Royal Easter Show, V8 Supercars Race, NRL football finals, State of Origin, AFL blockbusters, Rugby Union internationals), a flat fee of $25 is applicable and casual parking spaces maybe be restricted or inaccessible due to road closures.


What public transport options are available?

One of the legacies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games are world class transport facilities which support workers, residents, visitors, venues and events on site. Sydney Olympic Park is accessible by regular train, bus and ferry services.

Can I hand out leaflets in the public domain to promote my business?

A person or organisation is not allowed to distribute any advertising matter or display any advertisement at Sydney Olympic Park unless authorised by Sydney Olympic Park Authority, as outlined in the Sydney Olympic Park Regulation 2001 (s 3).

There are various ways to promote your business to the Sydney Olympic Park community, including Lifestyle and the Sydney Olympic Park Business Association


Do local residents and employees get special access or discounts to events and facilities?

Local residents and employees of the Park can benefit from the unique and innovative Lifestyle program, which provides rewards and special access to the Park’s world class social and recreational infrastructure.


What impact do events have on the Park community?

Sydney Olympic Park is Australia's premier major events destination.  The design and construction of the Park as a major events precinct, coupled with the support of Sydney Olympic Park Authority's highly skilled and experienced Operations team and a whole of government approach to major event support, enables truly unique event experiences to take place. 

To manage the traffic flows associated with these events, the Authority may impose various restrictions on access into and around the Park, possibly resulting in traffic delays and limitations to parking availability.  Roads around the Park may be closed to ensure public safety, catering for increased pedestrian activity and enhanced public transport services.

Events will often bring about increased pedestrian activity, sometimes resulting in crowds and occasionally anti-social behaviour.  The Authority takes pride in the Park being a highly secure destination for events, implementing a range of additional security controls, such as safety fencing, crowd management and security staff when necessary.

There may sometimes be temporary environmental impacts resulting from events, such as increased litter, amplified noise, fireworks displays, additional lighting and jet flyovers.  The Authority implements management guidelines, which include strategies to minimise and resolve any impact on the environment and surrounding residential and commercial communities.

Through regular communications with the community, the Authority seeks to raise awareness of any potential impacts from events. Register to receive community alerts.


Who is the consent authority at Sydney Olympic Park?

The consent authority for development projects at Sydney Olympic Park varies based on the capital value of the project.  For more information, visit Planning and Building.   


Who do I contact regarding the fit-out of my premises?

Fit out of new and existing premises will require either development approval or private certification, if it is a complying development.  Contact the Authority's Planning Assessment unit at planninginfo@sopa.nsw.gov.au for further information. 


What signage can I use to identify my business?

Sydney Olympic Park has guidelines for signage, which are intended to encourage well designed and well positioned signs to contribute positively to the vitality and vibrancy of Sydney Olympic Park. The guidelines are also designed to protect the characteristics of significant buildings, public spaces, urban elements and landscape elements, important streetscapes and vistas and the amenity of future residents and park users. 

Download a copy of the Guidelines for Outdoor Advertising, Identification and Promotional Signage for more information.


What do I need to consider for deliveries to my business?

The building manager (if applicable) or the landlord for your premises will be able to provide information regarding deliveries to your business.  Where there is no loading dock available for use, delivery companies will need to use the street parking available and observe all applicable road and parking regulations. 

During major event periods, road closures and restricted access to areas within Sydney Olympic Park may have an impact on deliveries. 


Do I need to organise rubbish collection?

The building manager (if applicable) or the landlord for your premises will be able to provide information regarding rubbish collection and waste management for your business. 


Notice Board

New timetables for all public transport services commence from 26 November

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Call 9704 1020 for sound level enquiries

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Upcoming road closures in Sydney Olympic Park:

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ADF Counter-terrorism exercise at Sydney Olympic Park from 13-17, involving Spotless Stadium and Olympic Park train station

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Sydney Olympic Park implements a mosquito management program to reduce pest mosquitoes. Information provided on future helicopter spraying dates.

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We are trialling a new car park shuttle during the business peak hours to support the growing workforce at Sydney Olympic Park. The trial will run from October 2017 to March 2018.

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New street parking conditions will be introduced from Monday 9 October adjacent to the train station

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Sydney Water will be replacing the old concrete banks of Powells Creek from Monday 8 May

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Temporary pathway closure of Lorraine Crapp Sports Walk during construction of a new elite sports training field

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