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Notice Board

City of Parramatta Council has advised of construction of a Pedestrian Refuge Island in Bennelong Parkway

read more

Upcoming road closures in Sydney Olympic Park:

read more

Developments underway at Sydney Olympic Park

read more

Blaxland Riverside Park water play feature operating hours will change to 10am to 4pm from 2 April 2017

read more

Changes to Sydney Olympic Park to host the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017

read more

The M4 Motorway westbound on-ramp from Concord Road will be closed permanently from 10pm Friday, 17 March 2017

read more

Traffic and road improvement works will be taking place along Parramatta Road

read more

A new looped ramp (G-loop) has been opened on Homebush Bay Drive which will provide direct, traffic light-free access to the M4 Motorway

read more

We are improving the local street network by creating indented bus bays adjacent to P3 / P4 Car Park from December 2016 to March 2017

read more

The bridge through Badu Mangroves in Bicentennial Park will be closed from early January to late March 2017

read more
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