Our Team

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Sydney Olympic Park Authority’s management is led by the Chief Executive Officer – Mr Charles Moore

The Chief Executive Officer works within the parameters of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001 No 57 to ensure:

  • Sydney Olympic Park is an active and vibrant town centre within metropolitan Sydney
  • Sydney Olympic is a premium destination for cultural, entertainment, recreational and sporting events
  • any new development complies with best practice environmental and town planning standards and
  • the natural heritage of the parklands is protected and enhanced.

The Chief Executive Officer, along with the Sydney Olympic Park Board, lead the development and implementation of the Authority’s strategic, corporate and annual business plans to meet its short and long-term objectives and provides staff with a strong vision and business direction.

Our teams

The Authority has 2 business teams, each led by a Executive Director, and a communications team reporting to the Chief Executive Officer

Operations and Sustainability

Responsible Officer - John Ferguson, Acting Executive Director Operations

Operations and Sustainability team manages the public places and spaces at Sydney Olympic Park. These places include just over 500 hectares of the 640 hectare site. The Authority - as the 'place manager' is responsible for day-to-day management of the public places - including the delivery of public events, excursions and programs; the protection of ecosystems, heritage and environment; the conservation of energy, resources, species and habitat; the maintenance and replacement of buildings, facilities and landscape assets; the provision of a safe and secure public domain; organisation of traffic, transport, construction activity and people movement; monitoring of visitation and enhancement of the visitor experience; and generally coordinating the use and operation of the site.

Commercial and Corporate

Responsible Officer – Nick Hubble, Executive Director Commercial

Commercial and Corporate team manages the overall strategic direction and management of the government’s interests in property and venue development; all related commercial arrangements; governance; organisational support functions and management of the Authority’s 6 venues (Aquatic Centre, Athletic Centre, Archery Centre, Quaycentre, Hockey Centre and Sports Halls).