Corporate Governance

Aerial of Sydney Olympic Park
               Photo: Ethan Rohloff

Sydney Olympic Park Authority (the Authority) was established as a statutory authority on 1 July 2001.

The Authority is constituted by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001 No 57, (Act schedules and related) with responsibility of managing the public assets of Sydney Olympic Park - open space, venues, parklands and development areas. The legislation focuses on ensuring the best use and management of a large and unique area of Sydney, an area which is a world renowned destination.

Our Present and Future

The Authority’s vision is that Sydney Olympic Park is an internationally recognised place with world-class events, venues, parklands and a great place to live and work, built on its Olympic legacy in a sustainable way.

According to the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001 No 57, (Act schedules and related) the objectives of the Authority are to ensure that:

  • Sydney Olympic Park becomes an active and vibrant town centre within metropolitan Sydney
  • Sydney Olympic Park becomes a premium destination for cultural, entertainment, recreation and sporting events
  • any new development complies with best practice accessibility, environmental and town planning standards and
  • the natural heritage of the parklands is protected and enhanced.

In achieving the above objectives, a governing Board of Authority (the Board) was created to provide direction and guidance to the Authority to ensure it meets its core functions. They are to:

  • promote, coordinate and manage the orderly and economic development and use of Sydney Olympic Park, including the provision and management of infrastructure
  • promote, coordinate, organise, manage, undertake, secure, provide and conduct cultural, sporting, educational, commercial, tourist, recreational, entertainment and transport activities and facilities
  • protect and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of Sydney Olympic Park, particularly the parklands
  • set objectives for the parklands, assign management functions and requirements including the preparation of a Plan of Management
  • provide, operate and maintain public transport facilities within Sydney Olympic Park
  • liaise with and maintain arrangements with Olympic organisations, such as the International Olympic Committee and the Australian Olympic Committee.